Welcome to Haven Lodge were we aim to make your stay a great one, to do this we offer a number of comforts,

All rooms have there own private ensuites, with shampoo and conditioning, dry clean towels, the hot water is set between 22 -24 degrees to prevent guest from burning themselves, also the hydro room heaters are set at 20 degrees and can be controlled by fan speed 1-2-3. 

The beds have fresh linen and towels, and very warm Dunas.

In-House meals, all guests staying in the Lodge get the Continental Breakfast, however, for those that need more energy we offer Hot breakfasts at an extra charge, eggs on toast, Bacon egg roll or try the Big breakfast. Even though we encourage guests to eat out and try the great food on offer sometimes you just what to stay in, we do offer Staff Meals these are simple home cook meals: Japanese curry rice, Spaghetti Balonase, Yaki soba or Japanese mini pizza.  By giving us at least a day notice we can have this prepared and ready for you once you have return and showered.  For further details on food and beverage please refer to our bookings terms and conditions page.                                                

ONE COIN  Bar, We have an in-house bar where you can come sit and relax, All our standard drinks are only Yen 500 or splash out and order a chilled bottle of champagne, or get the Haven Cocktail either way come and enjoy, have your own music bring it and were play it.